CMC Migration provides assistance with all subclasses of visa for partners and spouses including Partner Visas, Marriage Visas and Spouse Visas.

Our experienced & expert team offers you a complete satisfaction during the application process so that you can be assured of the quality of the visa application. We always try hard to keep families together. Thus, we also suggest different strategies to reunite the couples living apart. We work diligently to make the processing your visa as quickly as possible.

Your eligibility for the Partner Visa

If you are a permanent resident of Australia, been in a relationship with an Australian citizen you may be eligible for a partner visa on the basis of their sponsorship.

Basic criteria for a partner visa if you and your partner :

  • Are married
  • Are engaged (to be married)
  • Are in a de facto relationship
  • Have registered your relationship with a relevant State/Territory authority

Qualification for a Partner Visa

There are three basic criteria with which partners of Australian citizens can get a visa for Australia. Generally, it depends on individual circumstances, including whether the visa applicant is from inside or outside Australia at the time of applying.

Professional advisor of CMC helps you choose the best-suited option for your need and generate a strategy that makes you and your partner feel comfortable that the migration process is going be concern-free.

Onshore Partner Visa – THE SUBCLASS 820/801
The subclass 820, requires that you be married or are in a de facto relationship with your partner for at least 12 months so or have authorized your relationship with a relevant State.

The applicant needs to submit proofs & evidence that the relationship is continuing at least for two years from the date of application for the subclass 820 visa. It will allow DIBP to process the permanent stage, the Subclass 801 visa.

Offshore Partner Visa - THE SUBCLASS 309/100
This type of visa is generally for the applicants who are outside of Australia.

An applicant needs to be outside of Australia to grant Subclass 309 visa. After gaining it they can enter Australia getting work right, study right, access Medicare facilities, and so forth.

Just as Onshore Partner Visa, the applicant of Offline Partner Visa will primarily be granted with a Subclass 309 visa and thereafter will be given the scope to obtain the permanent visa, the Subclass 100, minimum two years from the date the initial application is submitted.


Prospective Marriage Visa (Temporary Residence) – THE SUBCLASS 300
Subclass 300 is also available to those who are engaged to be married to an Australian Permanent Resident or an eligible citizen of New Zealand.

This visa is also granted to the person outside of Australia. A holder of this subclass 309 visa is allowed to enter Australia and marry an Australian partner within a nine-month period.

The best part is before the end of this nine-month period, an applicant can apply for an onshore Subclass 820/801 visa as stated above.

A holder of this visa is fully allowed with work & study right in Australia.

How to apply for a Partner Visa ?

These Partner visas need an application to be made by both the sponsor and the applicant. All of the above visa options do require evidence & proofs to show your relationship with your partner is authentic and ongoing. The documentations to satisfy the Department of Immigration in this regard are the following:

  • Documents of financial interdependence
  • Documents of social interdependence
  • Declaration/ documentation of legal cohabitation
  • The nature of your relational commitment to one another

CMC’s professionals are renowned to compiling you with the most relevant evidence of your individual relationship along with every possible satisfactory service.