This visa allows skilled workers who are nominated by an Australian state or territory government to live and work in Australia as a permanent resident. have a relevant occupation, need to go through a suitable skills assessment for the occupation and meet the points test pass mark of 60 points, be nominated by a state or territory government agency, be under 45 years of age at the time of invitation, have Competent English.

If you are planning to expand your business in Australia, you might need to consider all the options that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection offers to international individuals willing to set up a newly formed or already exist business in Australia.

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Here are some of the Business Visas for new applicants :

  • Business Innovation and Investment (Temporary) visa – (Subclass 188)
    This type of visa is for individuals who want to set up and manage a new or existing business or want to invest in Australia.

This certain visa (Subclass 188) allows you to make an investment in Australia by starting your own business as a temporary resident.

  • Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa – (Subclass 888)
    This visa is considered as the secondary stage of the Business Innovation and Investment (Temporary) visa (Subclass 188).

It provides you the opportunity to stay in Australia and continue running your business. To apply for this certain visa (Subclass 888) you must:

  • have been invited to apply
  • have been nominated by a State or Territory
  • have a successful business or investment history
  • have a strong business assets and adequate personnel
  • Business Talent Visa (Permanent) – (Subclass 132)
    This particular visa is a part of the Australian Business Innovation and Investment Program, which is formed to expand the Australian economy. This visa is issued through invitation only. Before, getting invited to apply, you must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) first.

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